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Sales and Marketing Practices
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Sales and Marketing Practices
Sales is what you do and say during the one moment your product or service is being purchased. It's confirming the payment options. Sales people have to feed the Marketing process and use the resources effectively that they had a part in building. There needs to be a partnership between the Sales and Marketing departments. (Mayham, 2008)
Marketing is what you do (Sales people and Marketing people), before and after the sale. It is the strategy that will identify prospects that will lead to the sale. Marketing is learning about your client needs and delivering on them (or realizing there is not a fit with a prospect). Marketing is about building awareness and relationships - it's everything that makes 'the phone ring' the first time and convinces past customers to buy from you again. Marketing includes anything that comes into contact with your customer. (Mayham, 2008)
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Sales and Marketing Practices
Creating Client Trust
Our sales and marketing approach will be vital in our new code of conduct with the acquisition of Government Allies, Inc. A new acquisition brings new clients and it is imperative that we create a trusting relationship with our clients. How do we do this?
• Know what your talking about?
• Give the best solutions
• Know Your Clients Expectations
• Do what you say you’re going to do
• Be open- with the good news and the bad news. (Mayham, 2008)
Responsibilities of the Marketer
Marketers must accept responsibility for the consequences of their activities and make every effort to ensure that their decisions, recommendations and actions function to identify, serve and satisfy all relevant publics: customers, organizations and society. (college of business)
• Marketers' Professional Conduct must be guided by:
 The basic rule of professional ethics: not knowingly to do harm;
 The adherence to all applicable laws and regulations;
 The accurate representation of their education, training and experience;
 The active support, practice…