Essay about Sales Training Methods

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There is a wide variety of methods, but the program content often limits those that are appropriate. If, for example, the content is a new policy on vacations and holidays, the training method almost certainly will be the Lesson, supplemented, perhaps, with visual aids. In this instance, such methods as role playing and the demonstration would be ruled out. It is important to select those training methods that most effectively convey the desired content.

Of the ten training methods discussed below, five are group methods, four are individual methods, and one can be either. Lecturing, role playing, case discussion, impromptu discussion, and gaming are group methods. The personal conference, on-the job training, programmed learning, and
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Those playing roles must become actively and emotionally identified with the characters they portray; audience interest must be maintained throughout, even though spontaneous reactions are suppressed. Achieving these conditions is not easy. It is even more difficult when role players “ham it up” or when there is laughter or other involuntary audience reaction. Non participants’ comments should be saved for later, until role playing is completed, or during “cuts” called by the trainer. Note taking as the play unfolds districts some players. This tendency, however, is overcome with repeated use of the method. These problems can be minimized by briefing trainees on what is and is not permissible, the group is limited to no more than ten or twelve, the trainer exercise discipline and control throughout, and roleplaying assignments are realistic.

More than offsetting the problems are the many benefits of this training method. It provides realistic practice in applying what has been learned in other training or by experience. It is flexible and adapts to extreme diversity in role-playing situations. Role playing lends itself to training new personnel, experienced salespeople, or even mixed groups. Other benefits include the following :
• Trainees learn to accept criticism from others, and the group soon recognizes that sound suggestions benefit everyone.
• When a trainee criticizes another’s performance, that