Different Companies Have Different Strategies When Implementing Sales Programs

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Different companies have different strategies when implementing sales programs. A strategy used by McDonnell-Cummins is by providing compensation. As a B2B company, Linda is required to do direct marketing in order to introduce their products to large consumer goods companies. Therefore, as a motivation, offering an incentive in the form of compensation for staff such as providing a new car and expense account is to enforce desirable sales performance.

At McDonnell-Cummins Company, they hired Linda Stephens who has a background in chemical engineering as a sales engineer. This might not be in relation to sales; however, having that background will help Linda as she goes into a line that requires her to sell specialty chemicals,
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This gives her further details on the products by McDonnell-Cummins and a better understanding of their company overall. She also manages to gain knowledge of the detailed specifications for products needed for development of their new product idea from the scientists in the research and development department that she met. Therefore, Linda is now more able to identify whether she will be able to meet the needs of McDonnell-Cummins or not. Furthermore, as she has managed to make contact with the two scientists that provide Mr. Constantin with whatever purchases is needed for their work, she is more able to develop a relationship with them and better understand the company’s wants and needs as the scientists have an input and play a part in the company’s purchasing decision, this allows Linda to approach the purchasing department with products that they require.

Other than that, by handing Dr. Leland Birsner and Esther Hughes a brochure, Linda also provides them with information about the products offered by her firm. As Dr. Leland Birsner is the direction that has a hand in making the final decision alongside Esther Hughes, his insight on the firm Linda represents may provide them with an easier decision to make leaning toward purchasing from Linda, as everyone important in making the final decision is well informed and have made personal contact with Linda.

Furthermore, having been introduced to the director of research and