Sales and Marketing Hell Pizza Report Essay

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction (Mila) 3
2.0 Overview (Mila) 5
3.0 Marketing strategy (Mila) 6
4.0 Environmental scan. (Tina) 7
4.1 Demographic 7
4.2 Economic Factors 7
4.3 Global Environment 8
4.4 Natural 8
4.5 Technological Factors 9
4.6 Political Environment: 10
4.7 Sociocultural Environment 10
4.7.1 Social responsibilities 10
4.7.2 Demographical shift 11
4.7.3 Shift in public conception 11
4.7.4 Social Events 11
5.0 Competitive analysis. (Tina) 12
5.1 Competitors 12
5.2 Points of Difference 12
5.3 Position in the Market 13
5.4 Future competitors 13
6.0 Market segmentation, target marketing and positioning (Mila) 14
6.1 Geographic segmentation 14
6.2 Demographic segmentation 15
6.3 Behavioural segmentation
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Hell Pizza grew explosively (from 14 shops in 2003 to 33 in 2005) and opened its first restaurant in London, UK in 2007, followed by a store in Brisbane, Australia in 2008 and by today also locating stores in Canada, Korea and India (Franchiseek New Zealand, n.d.).

4.0 Environmental scan. (Tina)

Constantly changing marketing environment consists of the different forces that affect the marketing management ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers (Kotler, Bowen & Makens, 2010). According to Kotler et al (2010a), these forces can either be negative or positive, and it is up to the company to continuously adapt to the changes, in order to survive and thrive. The marketing environment consists of a microenvironment, and a macroevnironment. The microenvironment refers to all factors which will directly impact the day-to-day business and the company itself, such as the suppliers and customers (Kotler et al, 2010a). The macroenvironment, according to Kotler et al (2010a), consists of all the forces which affect the company, providing it with both opportunities and threats. The seven major forces which influence the marketing strategies and plans of Hell Pizza will be examined in this section: demographic, economical, global, natural, technological, political and social.

4.1 Demographic

Although Hell Pizza has a diverse market, their custom base comprises of consumers in the age group of 20 to 39 years