Saletan's Essay 'The Beam In Your Eye'

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Sports are a great way to relax and also an excellent interpretation of the spirit of competition. In sports, people not only focus on the game, but also like to feel the positive and progressive spirit. At the same time, the athletes display their positive attitude toward the achievement. However, in addition to these positive factors of sports, there are still some negative ones. Stimulants, steroids, peptide hormones and analogues, these illicit drugs always appear in many kinds of sports. In the article “The Beam in Your Eye” William Saletan discusses that these illicit drugs should be banned and athletes improving performance by using these drugs is delinquent conduct. In another article, “In pursuit of doped excellence; The Lab Animal,” …show more content…
The spirit of sports is to improve human’s physical capabilities. Using drugs to enhance performance in competitions seems to be a shortcut, but is a wrong way to proceed because drugs can also bring about side effects, damaging the physical and mental health of athletes. This phenomenon is also verified in the two articles. According to Saletan’s essay, there are still many drugs with side effect on people but not on the banned list, “generally considered to be safe, with rare side effects” (Saletan, 1). It is further supported by many examples in “In Pursuit of Doped Excellence”. For instance, “Long after herbal stimulant was blamed for numerous serious health problems, along with the sudden death last year of Steven Bechler, a Baltimore Orioles pitcher”(Sokolove, 4). The two articles both state the claim that using drugs impairs players’ physical and mental health. However, Sokolove proves his point more persuasively by using several examples. It would be more convincing if Saletan could provide more solid evidence, not just rhetorical analysis. In my own opinion, health is certainly more valuable than money, because it is by health that money is procured. It is not worth it for the athletes to obtain the money and fame at the cost of their