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December 01, 2014
Research paper on J.D Salinger Jerome David "J.D." Salinger was born in January 1919. He was an American writer who won acclaim early in life. He was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He began writing short stories in middle school. Salinger first published his book in 1965. Before World War
began several of his short stories were published in the Story magazine. In 1948, one of his stories "A Perfect Day for Bananafish " appeared on the New Yorker Magazine, which most of his books became home later on. In 1951, Salinger published a novel called "The Catcher in the
Rye" became very popular. From all the success and publicity of "The Catcher in the Rye", Salinger began publishing more of his work. Salinger published 5 more stories which contained a novella and a short story.
"Franny and Zooey" contained two novellas, "Raise High the Roof Beam", "Carpenters and
Seymour" and "An Introduction." Salinger's last book "Hapworth 16,1924", appeared in The
New Yorkers on June 19,1965. In the late 1990s he released a memoirs written by two people close to him: Joyce Maynard, an ex­lover; and Margaret Salinger his daughter. Salinger started his freshman year in New York University, by dropped out during spring.
His father urged him to learn about meat­importing business, so he went to Austria and worked at the Vienna company. Salinger left Austria a month later. In fall 1938, Salinger attended
Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. He wrote me collum called "skipped diploma"

which were included in movie reviews. Around second semester he dropped out. Salinger attended Columbia University School of General Studies in 1939. He took night classes taught by Professor Whit Burnett, who was a