Essay on Sally: Antibiotic and Baby Sara

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Quienna Smith
June 2, 2014
Jane has been very unhealthy for a while due to eating fast food everyday with very high calories. She seen the sweet potatoes in the vegetable bin were green with mold. It grossed her out but she has been trying to maintain a diet but got carried away and started back on junk. A woman of fifty or so, plump with frizzy, gray hair came toward her. She mentioned that Jane should slow down on junk. Jane has been pregnant for several months now and her due date would be in a few weeks. So last minute her husband Nick decided to actually motivate her to eat healthy since they had a baby on the way.
Jane finally had her baby Sara; Sara was 15 months old when she was diagnosed with rotavirus. Sara’s symptoms began one morning when she woke up and was vomiting all over her crib. Jane and Nick we’re unsure what caused the vomiting, they had given her eggs for the first time the day before, so they thought it could’ve been an egg allergy. But later that day her temperature climbed to 103°F and Sara began having severe diarrhea.
Jane took Sara to the doctor within the first 24 hours of her illness because her fever was still high. The doctor Daro directed only one picture. He showed us at least one example of the virus. At that point, Sara had lost so much body fluid that the doctor said that she should take her immediately to the hospital. Sara was put on an IV for fluids and Jane was able to take her home from the hospital that day.
It wasn’t until 5-6 days until her 10- day illness that one of the doctors diagnosed her as having a rotavirus. Jane therefore continued to stand there awkwardly, waiting for the doctor to give her…