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Nervous system

Overdose on cocaine⁄Nervous system

Nervous system


A young woman is brought into the emergency room with extremely dilated pupils.Her friends state that she has overdosed on cocaine.Alot of details of the nervous system will be revealed.Including nuerons,the central nervous system.What the central nervous system consists of.The peripheral system and what it also consists of.The activity of the nervous system.What the nervous system is componed by.The optical nerves will be explained,comino along with the facial nerve,the vagus nerve,the spinal nerve,the radical nerve,the femoral nerve,the ulnar nerve,the median nerve,the sciatic nerve,the commom pereoneal nerve,and tibial nerves.The consequences of cocaine will be stated.As well as its treatments.It will be explained to how the brain normally adjusts to a human body without the use of cocaine compared to a human body with the use of nerve fibers and nerve signals are really important.

Nervous system
Overdose on cocaine

The nervous sytem is the most complex system and regulates hundreds of activities.Neurons carry messages in the form of an electrical impulse.The nervous system has 2 parts,the central nervous system(cns) and the peripheral nervous system(pns).The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord.The peripheral system consists of all nerves that emerge from the CNS and Branco throughout the body.Our nervous system has immediate control over our voluntary actions such as walking.The activity of the nervous system is largely performed by cells called nuerons.Each fueron has a long projection called or known as a nerve fiber.Nerve fibers carry information in the form of electrical signals.The brain and the spinal cord form the central nervous system and are protected by the bones of the skull and the vertebral column.The nervous system is composed by eleven nerves(Optic nerve,Facial nerve,Vagus nerve,Spinal nerve,Femoral nerve,Radial nerve,Ulnar nerve,Median nerve,Sciatic nerve,Common nerve,and Tribial nerve.).The optical nerve signals from the eye are transmitted to the brain by this nerve.The facial serves to the facial muscles.The vagus nerve is the longest eraphial nerve,it helps control Heart rate.The spinal nerve is composed by three parts ofspinal nerves that supply all areas at the body.The radial nerve conveys sensation from the forearm and controls the muscles that straighten the wrist and move the fingers.The femoral nerve straightens the knee and its controlled by it.the Lunar nerve controls muscles in the forearm.thumb,and fngers.The median nerve bends the wrist and rotate the forearm.The sciatic nerve serves the hip joint and thigh muscles before branching to form the tribal and common pereforeal nerves.The common pereforal nerve controls the muscles that lift that part.The tibial nerves supplies too the calf muscles. Cocaine is a stimulant that stimulate the brain and central nervous system temporarily increasing energy and alterness.Stimulants like cocaine interrupt the natural flor of dopane causing it to build up in the brain.Some of the many effects of cocaine are(euphoria,jittery,feeling anxiety,irritation,and being paranoid).Cocaine constricts the blood vessels,forcing the Herat to wrok harder to keep the blood flowing through the body.The Herat loses its natural rhythm,creating a condition called arrhythmia.Snorting cocaine damages the skin on the incide of the nose causing frequent bleeds and loss of the sense of smell.The brain keeps the body in order,it helps control all of the body systems and organs keeping them working as they should.The brin communicates with the rest of the body throughtout the sponal cord and nerves.Nerves divide many times as they leave the…