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Analyzing Cuban musical trends as a window into the changes Cuban society has gone through
Cuban Revolution 1959
Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis
1989 fall of Berlin wall and Soviet Union
1898 Spanish American War

Pre Socialist Period
Havana way on the west side
Guantanamo way on the east side
Rum and sugar plantations with massive sugar production
Slavery and the slave trade
Well known for its musicians and musical styles
Known all over the world
The roots of Salsa
Sub Saharan musical characteristics all still apply
Relative proportion of slaves to the general public is much higher (a lot more Africans)
Slave trade lasted longer in Cuba than in the US
Sugar industry
Different Conversion strategies for converting slaves to Christianity
In Catholic countries the strategy was encourage syncretism(Cuba)
Syncretism is the mixing of religions
Continue same traditions but slightly modify it with Christianity
Protestant countries discouraged syncretism(USA)
Santeria(Cuban religion)
Saints- somewhere in between God and people
Rumba – Secular tradition
Not a sacred tradition
Clave are the names of the sticks used to play this rhythm that repeats over and over again
Used during Rumba; strictly percussion
Also used in Son
Cuban Son is a syncretic (African and European music traditions) music style and is popular
National style of Cuba in early 20th century
Roots of Salsa
Didn’t use drums early on
African influence
Tres is a Cuban instrument used and has 6 strings (type of guitar)
Local variant of the guitar
Related to Spain
Play it with a scrapper
Bass mbira
Type of drums
Like a hosho
US jazz influence in the 1920’s
Improv was used with the trumpet
When it went to Havana it started to take up popular references like the trumpet
Montuno-when it moves to call in response in a tune; music becomes more improvisational
Following African principles
First Half is more like a European song

How the Son became Cuba’s main national music?
Early 20th century
Before Socialist regime and Castro
Closely allied with United States
Impact of US alliance on music
Son had very negative associations originally
Associated with Cubans of African descent
Discriminated against in this period
Similar to African Americans in the US
Played in working class venues
Prostitution went along with it