Salvation Army Red Shield appeal Essay

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Salvation Army Red Shield appeal

The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal is an initiative of the Salvation Army to raise funds to care for and support Australians who are in dire need. Many Australians from all ages and backgrounds are assisted by this appeal.

Salvation Army has an established name in the Australian community. This strengthens them as individuals have confirmation that any donation given will go to those in need. That name also attracts volunteers who in return put the Red Sheild Appeal in the public eye and attract more donations. Church backing gives the appeal authority and credibility and attracts religious volunteers again feeding into donations. Their big strength however lies in their tried and successful methods of reaching the public.

Capital for funding the appeal is limited to the donations received and one really bad year could make a big impact. Also limiting their reach is the number of volunteers. By their collections all going to a national fund instead of to the communities that donate it may be harder for some areas to see why to donate at all limiting donations all together. The Red Shield doorknock is only held for 2 days and that is not enough time to reach everyone that would donate, it may be better to make it a week long or bi-annual.

There are opportunities to partner with businesses and other not for profits to give the Salvation Army name the right image in the communities they want to improve income from. Another rising opportunity is the increasing number of people in need meaning that more people would be willing to donate to help their friends. Technology is everywhere and can provide an opening for online donations and…