Salvation Langston Hughes Analysis

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I came across a ‘’tale of two stories’’ when I read ‘’Salvation’’ by Langston Hughes and ‘’The Dowry’’ by Marjane Satrapi. The narrators in each story came from different life styles, although they came from different worlds they shared the common task of being saved. Each story was told in different ways Satrapi told her story with illustrations and Hughes told his traditionally, without illustrations. The illustrations in ‘’The Dowry’’ did help depict the narrative, while the more traditional essay of ‘’Salvation,’’ was written so that I could still picture the setting of the narrator. Thus proving to me that illustrations do not affect the way I make narratives ‘’come to life.’’
Satrapi and Hughes are both the narrators in each story, both coming from different lives. The story of ‘’The Dowry’’ takes place in Iran around 1984, and ‘’Salvation’’ is set in a Christian community in America in the 1900’s. Satrapi came out straight forward about when the story was taking place ‘’my life took a new turn in 1984’’ (Satrapi 297.) This allowed
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Hughes expression would have been either confused or angry that the priest and everyone is preaching at him to see a Christ that is only seen through faith. Overall I do not think illustrations would have made a difference to ‘’Salvation.’’ Had ‘’The Dowry’’ been written without illustrations it would have taken me a moment longer to grasp the setting of the story. The illustrations Satrapi used gave her story a sense of character that was not as in depth as in ‘’Salvation.’’ I can imagine the position young Langston was in Hughes’ story did not need illustrations. These two literatures go beyond illustrations. Yes some visual images help create a setting, but I believe the context of the literature should convey the