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Sam Brooks
Mrs. Hines
September 3 2014
In the film, “Cathedral”, a couple are having a guest over to the house. This man is a old friend of the wife’s and just happens to be blind. The three spend the night together, having dinner, talking, drinking, and smoking dope. Yes, they were smoking dope. The husband, who is also the narrator, was not so optimistic about his wife having her blind friend stay with them. He thought that blind people all had dark sunglasses and white walking canes. The narrator is a middle ages man who likes to sit on the couch and watch the television. The wife who is also middle aged, is a cute, but not beautiful woman. She likes to talk a lot it seems. The blind man to the husbands surprise had a big burley beard, deep voice, and enjoyed smoking cigarettes. Throughout the story the POV is told through the eyes of the husband. This, to me, makes the story more effective to an audience that isn’t used to having a blind person in their life. After dinner, the three sit on the couch and begin to make small talk. The husband is sitting in his chair pouting in a grown man way. This makes the wife ask him many times if he is ready to go to bed. The narrator and the blind man begin watching television. There is a show on about Cathedrals and he asks the blind man if he knows what they are talking about when they say Cathedral. The blind man replies by saying he has no idea what they are and asks the narrator the describe one to him. The narrator was assuming that the blind man would have dark glasses and didn’t expect him to have a big many beard. This opens his eyes from the typical stereotype of a blind person. Towards the end of the story the narrator and the blind man share an emotional moment. The…