Sam Patch, The Famous Jumper, By Paul Johnson

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Bishnu Karki
Professor R. Pettingill
HIS 1301
Industrialization in America
Paul Johnson in his book, Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper, tells the narrative of John Patch who rose to fame in the late 1820's for jumping waterfalls. According to the story given by Johnson, the life of Patch serves the purpose of being our porthole onto the life of the American working class early in the 19th century (Johnson 48). By far, the most controversial issue in the 19th century was the question of freedom and equality based on which groups were supposed to be allowed freedom and equality. The industrial revolution brought forth the existence of fluctuating levels of freedom and very dissimilar levels for each group. Equality diminished with time,
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It changed the quality of life, economy and political consequences (Sadorsky 402). The country portrayed a departure from the chiefly agrarian society to a mechanical culture. The majority of the sustainable jobs were situated in the cities. The working class moved to the cities and established their homes in the cities. They worked under the unfavorable conditions characterized by pollution and low wages (Vries 252). However, they hardly protested because more desperate laborers would replace them in such an incidence.

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