Sam Walton and Walmart Essay

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Marketing Excellence.

Walmart is the world’s largest and most powerful company with the highest sales and operating profit of any retailer. Its success began in early 1960s when Sam Walton opened his first store in Rogers, Arkansas. Walton’s business philosophy was based on lower prices than anywhere else, “respect for individual, service to our customers and striving for excellence”. He also believed in providing a superb service to his customers, giving them “ what they want, when they want, … and treating each other as we would hope to be treated”. Many of the original Walmart stores were primarily focused on smaller towns throughout South and Midwest and eventually expanded their operations around the world. By maintaining its promise of “everyday low prices”, Walmart created its famous slogan “ Always low prices” that became a trademark of the company and defined its brand and the mission. This famous tagline has been capturing attention of millions customers since 1992 and became a mission statement of the company. After 19 years of success, in 2007, Walmart decides to introduce a new tagline “ Save Money. Live Better”. The new slogan enters with new commercials and ads depicting an average Walmart shopper family saving an average of $2,500 a year. By doing so, Walmart has been searching for ways to market its steady sales growth across the nation. The campaign was accompanying by expanding their services with adding fashionable clothing line, adding ads to Vogue magazine, stores renovations, international expansion to name a few. “ J.P. Morgan analyst, Charles Grom, said in February 2011 research report that Walmart confused its core shoppers by shifting from