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Park High School Thistlecroft Gardens Stanmore Middlesex HA7 1PL
Samantha Brick
French Road
Jardins Arago


To Mrs Brick, Now where do I start? What I don't seem to understand is if you're deliberately trying to annoy people with your article or if you're being serious. After reading this contradictory article on why women hate you, I think the only thing to say is I am rather shocked by your stupidity and arrogance. I mean it's a strange article to write, even if you were truly beautiful (which in fact you're not.
You claim to be 'beautiful' now I'm not going to judge you on the way you look and make assumptions, but by the looks of it you aren't very liked and no it isn't because of your 'lovely looks'. Now being a successful reporter with the fame and money you are presented with surly you must receive a lot of respect which (thanks to your article) has been socially destroyed. You're very eager to state what you look like, claiming to be 'tall, blonde and good-looking 'this suggest that is the only way to be seen as good-looking which in forces stereotypes of the media and how it judges women on their looks instead of their intellect. Your conceited perception of beauty makes me sick as you present the idea that other women who aren't of that type aren't seen as pretty.

You also relate yourself to Elle Macpherson stating that you're not a model yet you could be, this shows your over confident attitude. You also begin to talk about your 'pleasing appearance and pretty smile' saying it makes men's days, nevertheless during your interview you claim you don't think you're beautiful which contradicts your article entirely where you being to boast about how you're a good looking women. Now I don't think your confidence is a bad thing, I mean it's great that you have confidence in your looks in spite of your arrogant and naive personality looking down on other women like they're not good enough. Whereas I think frankly your confidence has turned into pure ignorance.

You say you are presented with flowers and your credit card is often shooed away however this is hard to believe; I mean why would anyone in their right mind shoo away hard earned money? Not forgetting that the person who did this is putting their job at risk. When talking about experiences where men throw themselves at you, you say ' it wasn't a surprise. At least, not for me' this indicates that you feel as if you're entitled to the gifts that are presented to you making it easier for for us as readers to pick out flaws in you. You also don't hold back when talking about your lavished lifestyle 'walking through London's Portobello Road market' and 'once on a flight to new York' it's as if you're proving yourself to the audience in a way to make them feel jealousy towards you.
Your self-deluded personality makes you oblivious to what is actually going on. You seem to love the attention of men noticing you and showering you with small gestures, is it because you aren't treated like this by your own husband, who we hear very little of throughout the two paged article? Possibly. Also maybe you are given these gifts not because of your looks but…