Samantha D Amore Evaluation 2 Essay

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HRM 3501 Online Sp2015
Group and self-assessment of participation
Category (points)
Excellent (9.0-10 pts)
Good (8.0-8.9 pts)
Fair (7.0-7.9 pts)
Poor (6.0-6.9 pts)
Shows enthusiasm; encourages others to engage
Takes activity seriously and stays focused
Goes through the motions; gets distracted by irrelevant topics
Not serious; makes jokes; brings up irrelevant topics
Execution of role
Shows high understanding of materials; carries out role to the fullest
Has read through materials; performs essentials of role
Familiar with materials; needs prompting to carry out role
Not prepared beforehand; tries to wing it
Reflection afterward (in breakout)

Discusses how experience relates to conceptual frameworks from lectures & readings
Participates in discussion of activity; focuses on what happened and practical lessons
Listens to discussion, occasionally speaks about what happened
Passive in discussion; talks about unrelated topics

Samantha D’Amore
Points (Assign 0 to 10 for each)
Reflection afterward

What could I have done differently?

I feel like this was a very successful negotiation exercise for me as well as Giovanna, although I could have went into the negotiation offering some options with higher points to reach 10,000, which was my goal. Instead I set the bar a little lower, to come to a compromise and have a win-win result.

Participant evaluation
Name Giavanna Perry
Points (Assign 0 to 10 for each)