A Brief Note On Same-Sex Marriage In Texas

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Same-Sex Marriage
The News coverage presented by one three of the commercial station, NBC had the tendency of supporting the same- sex marriage issues. One of the coverage’s I viewed was a reported story in which many gay rights activist were interviewed on the issue of the same-sex marriage ban in the state of Texas. Before the activist were interviewed there were gay rights supporters cheering a federal judge’s decision in Texas on to take down the Lone Star state’s same-sex marriage ban with shouts of “Kissing Cowboys!” and “I am proud to be a Texan”. One comment of a gay rights activists whose name is Robert Conn was this "We want it to be in our state. I know Texas is a very conservative state but it’s our home, it’s the place we've lived all of our lives." On the coverage the images presented were ones of joy on behalf of the gay community because they made a huge step onto being allowed on a legal way to same-sex marriage. One of the images were of a gay rights activist both male and female hugging and congratulating each other for their efforts which lead to the judge’s decision of granting the appeal of Texas ban of same-sex marriage and it finished if with a statistic in which 73% of non religious groups of people supported same-sex marriage and a little bit over half of the total population surveyed supported the issue.
In what I observed on the coverage by NBC was that the majority of the persons being interviewed were gay rights supporters while the opposition was only left with little to say. This doesn’t necessarily give them credibility but it does sympathize with the whole community which is the objective, because it demonstrates the joy of the gay community as well as the love they feel towards one another and the support each and every one of the gay rights supporters show towards their objective. What gives them credibility in this first observation is that it only shows the oppositions more aggressive sometimes even ignorant responses or comments on the issue. By doing this NBC intends that the viewers tend to think that the people opposing same-sex marriage have invalid argumentation or just simply don’t have any reasonable arguments to support their opinions.
Another way I observed NBC news gives credibility to their point of view or the discussion is that they show many statistics in the different coverage’s I have seen. Statistics is a key element on giving credibility to what they are saying because it clearly specifies the number of people that were surveyed and the different type of ethnic races and religious groups they respectively attend. For example, Fewer Americans who describe themselves as religious oppose same-sex marriages, with 83 percent of Jews polled supporting it. White Roman Catholics were next at 58 percent and 56 percent of Hispanic Catholics agreed with it. They even site the source in which the statistic was taken or borrowed from as well as the specific amount people surveyed. They surveyed 4,509 Americans and the survey was funded by the Ford Foundation. The margin of error is 1.7 percentage points. The last observation I made, was that it also used politicians as a way to support their objective which in this case is legalizing same-sex marriage.

The objective of NBC news is respected one because it does support an American human’s right which is the pursuit of happiness and in this case the gay community is happy if they can be able to