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Same Sex Marriage is Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage Is Marriage in the Military
The traditional definition of marriage is, the formal union of a man and a woman, recognized by law, to become husband and wife. Although that definition of marriage maybe customary to me and many other Americans, it is changing to accommodate an evolving homosexually vigorous society, contrary to my theology. In some states, marriage is now simply a legal join between two people, which widens the meaning to include homosexuality. Two people of the same sex can now fairly be engaged and finally married. The military has also embraced this altered definition by repealing the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) policy. Yet, its front-runners are befuddled on the entitlements corresponding with marriage. As of September 20, 2011, the military has officially recognized same sex marriage, which by reasoning should entitle committed same sex married couples the same benefits as traditional married couple such as tactful employment, housing, and healthcare.

The 1993 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Don’t Pursue (DADT) policy was repealed under President Barack Obama allowing committed same sex married couple to openly enter the armed services without any “discernment” toward homosexuality. (Human Rights Campaign, 2011) Conversely, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines marriage for the Federal Government as a union between one man and one woman as husband and wife. Therefore, many of the benefits that are provided to traditionally married families are not given to same sex married families. (Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, 2012)

Somehow, there are a few stiff-necked stern belief superiors that remain to silently protest against the commander in chief by continuing to discriminate homosexuality in the military. This causes respectable people to be insubordinate and ultimately kicked out in service. The military’s leaders should genuinely stress societal partnership and positive relations with homosexuals in the workplace. We could agree that if your boss constantly oppressed you based off your sexual preference, which has absolutely nothing to do with your work performance, you’ll probably quit. Our country is losing able body soldiers, which have pledged allegiance and have raised their right hand to fight for the same American way of life as straight couples. Same sex married couple spouses should be allowed the same equal opportunities as traditionally married couples such as on-post jobs and family resources.

Moreover, committed same sex married couples should be entitled to housing. As of now, under the Department of Defense (DoD) policy 4165.63M, same sex married spouses are not defined as dependents, therefore they are denied on-post housing benefits in addition to off-post living allowances. (DoD 4165.63-M, 2010) From my point of view the military is saying that, it’s cool for homosexuals to be married but they have to find there on place to stay. How cruel and extraordinary is that? It sounds to me that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is an underlining opposition of support against heterosexuals. It is natural for a heterosexually married couple to enter the arm forces and bring their family to live on base. They are also given separated untaxed housing allowance that varies on the graphical location, to live off-post. Why can’t the DOMA be changed to support homosexuals and their families, so they’ll be allotted the same opportunity? We could agree that the military’s policy is like riding a bike without wheels. It simply will not work. The government wants homosexually married couples to live at there on expense.

Ultimately, same sex married couples dependents should be able to enroll as dependents into Tri-Care to receive healthcare. The first step toward getting same sex married dependents healthcare is getting their