Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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Same-Sex couples vs. Heterosexuals

Have you ever attended/ or heard of Gay Pride in Portland, Oregon? It is probably one of the most accepting events I've personally been to in life. Everyone there is themselves and they don’t care what others think. You see drag queens strutting on floats, naked people on bicycles, gay men and lesbian women street to street, people of every age, and even heterosexual couples who participate in the parade. Anyone can be who they want and be “accepted” in Portland, and that’s where I’m from. I believe that same-sex marriage should be legalized throughout the United States because if you love someone, it shouldn't matter what their gender is. Love is love.
All over the United States, same-sex marriage is becoming more of a common occurrence and according to Martha E. Hardy who wrote an article titled “Marriage Equality: Same-sex marriage in the United States” started out by saying “The first half of 2013 has been a season of change in the United States regarding the legal status of same-sex marriage. During the first two weeks of May, three state legislatures passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage”…Once these laws take effect, same-sex marriage will be legal in 12 states.” (Hardy, 2013, pg. 304) Growing up since about age 5, I have been around a same-sex couple (involving my mother) and never really understood the meaning of two women being together, but I went with it and learned more about same-sex couples as I was older. Since my dad passed away in 2011, I have been raised by not just my mother, but her partner Laurie for 5 ½ years; my mom is going to soon propose to Laurie and just seeing how happy they are together helps me believe that they are so in love together. Living in Portland, Oregon has really proved to me that so many people are accepting of each other, and that I really am lucky to have grown up with the support that I have.
Even though I am surrounded by so many people that accept same-sex couples and gay marriage, there is a side that thinks strictly a man and a woman is what is known as the “right” thing to do. According to Maggie Gallagher, a co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage stated in an article titled “What Same-Sex Marriage Means” by Andre Archer (2013), “The first part of my argument contends that marriage refers to a “natural kind” that law did not create. The second part claims that historic and cross-cultural understandings of marriage are grounded in its natural foundations”…”Marriage is intrinsically a sexual union of husband and wife, because these are the only unions that can make new life and connect those children in love to their co-creators, their mother and their father.”
Yes, same-sex couples cannot pro-create, but they can raise a child just like any other human