Same-sex Marriage and Contemporary Nonconformist Essay

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Homosexuality Marriage: The Contemporary Nonconformist In this day in age, imagine if you can your future child growing up in this continuing progressive society and he/she not fully grasping all the information and concepts they can. Many would call this being in a constant state of unawareness or being naive. Now, if you happen to think of this event as unwholesome, look currently around you. There are many organizations, society's, groups, institutions and individuals who are collectively suffering for being different. One of the contemporary debates presently is the act of homosexuality and gay marriage. Advocates for acceptance such as, Jessica Fields comments, " I urge social movement leaders to abandon adults understandings of sexual justice and to include young people as constituents and allies in their movements for social change. (Fields) In my opinion, advocates for homosexuality are the most important contemporary nonconformist people in America presently. Recently, a national survey was done to conduct the public's opinion on the acceptance of homosexuality and same sex marriages. Recent trends show currently, 63% of Americans are now saying gay relations should be legal nearly matching the record high-64% of a year ago (Sadd). As expressed by the statistics Americans have grown to accept gays and lesbians as equal members of society presently. The conflict of interest is the acceptance of legal marriages of those parties involved that has stirred up divisions between societies. To conclude, the present most contemporary act of non conformist is the acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriages. When many build their ideologies of the acceptance of homosexuality their thoughts derive from biblical references. In many cases today, human reason Scripture's fundamental teachings. Bible passages are either misinterpreted or discounted by those who advocate a personal agenda that conflicts with its plain teachings ( Walker). Many gay activist will not be content with the privilege to marry. But, in reality over the years these