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A Creative Paragraph Using Rhetorical
By Brian Varghese

Persuasive Paragraph

Gay Marriage - For

Why should society restrict two people of the same sex from being together? We have restricted our thinking in past and present doing what we think is ‘correct’. We shouldn't restrict our thinking, it is time to move on from the past and allow people to be free. Who decides whether or not two people of the same sex can be together? If two people are happy with one an other and believe that they would like to spend their lives together, they must be allowed to do so regardless of their sex, race or age. Governments all over the world are opposing towards this cause because they believe it is not right. But who decides wether it is right or not? Ireland recently became the first country to legalise same sex marriage. Now other developed countries such as Australia, the United States and Great Britain should take the step forward and favour gay marriage, if they want to progress into the future.

Techniques Used in My Analysis

In my paragraph one of the literary features that I used was anaphora, to create an effect whereby the audience understands my point by repeating the same word at the start of my sentences. “We have restricted our thinking..We shouldn’t restrict our thinking”, In this particular example I repeated the word ‘We’ to give the readers a greater sense of inclusion therefore making it them feel like they are a part of the problem and that we