Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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Major Writing
The virtual library
779,529 results given which was very resourceful and helpful and found that same sex marriage has religious aspects and 13 states has been exposed to same sex marriage 10 years ago or more, highly religious prohibits such kind while non-religious accepts’ the district of Columbia City Council passed an limited domestic partnership law in 1992.
81,000,000 Results were found and were easy to work with and found there were recently 19 legally recognized states for gay marriage which were interfered by federal and state judges and shut down and became more known and noticeable to the point where they had to fight these laws with popular vote and same sex marriage has won over by “votes”
The debate on this subject has seemed to be won by the Council by voting and has been in a lot of states since then there has been a lot of legalizations and denials.
Minor Writing

Same sex marriage
I asked a student questions he who goes by the name of Kwan Miller and the first question I’ve asked him was, ( what do you think about same sex marriage) and he replies ( love is love no matter what gender or what sex). And I asked him about any ideas towards the situation and he tells me “there should be more education on same sex marriage.
I also asked my older brother about same sex marriage and what he thinks about it and he doesn’t agree with any of it he says he thinks most of this is just an overreaction and a way to play with