Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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Beca- According to the American Constitution all men are created equal so why should they not all have the same rights?
Marco – Same-Sex Marriage has been a heated topic in the United States in the past decade. Nine state governments: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, and Washington have legalized same-sex marriage and eleven countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden have also legalized same-sex marriage.
Beca- Same sex marriage should be legalized because it shows the liberty and equality of the country’s people. As the legalization of gay marriage comes to question; many factors come into support and against.
Marco- People always say that gay marriage is unnatural. Homosexuality cannot be unnatural because, well believe it or not, homosexuality occurs in many species of animals. People also say that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. But have people ever thought about how many different marriages have happened throughout the centuries like polygamy and child-rearing? Also how is gay marriage harming anyone? It does not physically hurt anyone. Yes it might spiritually and/or psychologically go against peoples’ opinions but it does not physically harm someone. Plus it is no one’s business whether two homosexual people are married. How does a same-sex marriage affect anyone else’s marriage?
Beca- Also we must remember that marriage is traditionally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged. How can two homosexual people who are in deeply in love with each other not be able to marry but two straight people who can get married just for the heck of it, are allowed to? Marriage is sacred and anyone who is deeply in love should be allowed to get married. People also say that gay marriage should not be allowed because a marriage is supposed to happen between a man and woman so they can procreate. This thought can be taken very offensively to the hundreds of couples that cannot have children because of infertilization. At the same time, we have seven-billion people of this Earth. I think precreation is the least of our worries.
Marco- We also must remember, we live in the United States. The United States is widely known for equality and freedom. How can the country known for freedom of speech, religion, press, etc., not allow two people who are deeply in love get marriage?
Beca- There has been a thought that gay couples should just stay as couples and not get married. I’m not sure that people know that same-sex marriage has many legal benefits to each other. There are over one-thousand legal rights that are given to heterosexual married couples that include to their future children. So why shouldn’t same-sex marriages receive the same?
Marco- Some believe gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized because of religious issue. Many religions believe that gay marriage should not be allowed because many holy books say marriage is between a man and woman. We must remember that not everyone believes in the same religion. Not everyone has the same religious beliefs and since this country runs on religious freedom, religious viewpoints cannot affect a person’s marital decision. There has to be a separation