Same-Sex Marriages Essay

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Gay marriage is a topic that has sparked a lot of interest in our nation and its media lately. The most recent article that I have read was about Utah, and how the Supreme Court on all same-sex marriages in the state. The Supreme Court blocked the same sex marriages; this was a unanimous order which was made in favor of the state. After the allowance of same-sex marriages was originally passed in 2004, hundreds of people attempted to receive one, and it is unknown how many of these couples were married. The big question now, is will these marriages be honored now that the Supreme Court has discontinued the distribution of same-sex marriage licenses.
A constant debate that goes along with this, is should gay marriage be handled on a state or national level and this is where my opinion comes in. I believe that instead of being handled on a state wide basis it should be handled as a nation. The problem I have is that once a couple is married, they should not have to worry about that ceremony being considered void depending not only on which state they are in, but also if there state is supportive of same-sex marriage at the time! This is not appropriate in my opinion, we pride ourselves on being a free nation, and a UNITED nation yet we cant give gays the right to marry? And as a country we cant make this decision together? I realize that each state needs to have its own rights and abilities, not all laws can be withheld in each state, but I don’t believe this is one of them. The amount of stress and how hard these people have to fight is monumental, but as history shows, with hard work, comes victory.
The government plays a huge role in this event, the entirty of the event has taken place because of their inability to agree