Essay about Same-sex Married Couples

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Bhavik N Patel
CRTW 201 Paper
Marilyn Montgomery

My views on same-sex marriage couples adopting children are that I respect the people who are gay, lesbian, and bisexual but in general and as a society many individuals do not accept the fact of adopting innocent children by same sex marriage couples. The reasons are that children are here in this world because of a mother and father, and I think that needs to be respected towards the straight couple. Same sex couples attempting to create a family by adopting children leads to negative influences amongst the adopted children and not an acceptance to the majority in any society. From my perspective, adopting children into a same sex marriage family gives the innocent child a bad impression once they start going to school. It is embarrassing when a classmate or peer finds out that one of their classmate’s parents are the same sex. Chances are that when a child is in school they will be ridiculed, and bullied because the innocent child did not have a choice to choose a parent or to go to a family where there is a straight mother and father. It is not fair to the child to have two same-sex parents to be their caregiver. In the United States, the number of adoptions by same-sex married couples has increased since the year of 2000. Many states like Mississippi, and Utah outlawed the rights for adoption the same-sex marriages but still exist as a right for the people of that state. The news media are generally accused of developing stories on same-sex marriage couples adopting children when the laws were passed in the United States. It resulted into a controversy over the adoption rights because some states banned the rights to adopt the children for same-sex married couples. This led the couples to go on a strike and protest on the sides of the downtown streets near the courthouse for their rights to be allowed. There are several state laws that prevent the same-sex couples to adopt a child because of the states system. Children who live with same-sex couples in the United States are adopted with certain blocks to adoptions, which still exist in several other states. Some states have recently changed laws of same sex adoptions. In the year of 2010 Florida reversed a ban that prohibited gays and lesbians from adopting innocent children. A Supreme Court in Florida had administrated the ban unconstitutionally, according to CNN. Same sex adoption demonstrates to be a number one cause in other states because state laws do not want it to be legal. In Michigan, same sex couples cannot be parents of an adopted child in which they can stay together. The law states one gay, or lesbian parent is allowed, or an unmarried person can adopt the child in that state. Arizona passed a law hat did not ban same-sex couples from adopting, but instead gave a choice to heterosexual couples for an adoption process where they were allowed to adopt with proof of their marriage certificate. There are questions that are elevated by same-sex parents who fall in the category of adopting a child of a same-sex partner. The spouse is eligible to foster children during the marriage but need to adopt a child that is not biologically related to their parents. The problems have been filed as a lawsuit in many states, because different rules apply to different states. A key issue at stake is whether lesbians and gays have the ability to accept children either as individuals, or a part of a same-sex couple. In France, the parliament passed a law to legalize gay marriage, and allow same-sex married couples to adopt the children. Apart from the United States, it is universally becoming a trend for the same-sex couples to adopt children. It is wrong because society does not accept it whatsoever. In many countries around the world that are straight, people know the value of a family between a husband and a wife. The chances of a child becoming gay, bisexual, or lesbian is high because they have been exposed