same sex marrige Essay

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Same sex marriage

On June 28, 2013, two days after the United States Supreme Court ruled that California’s proposition 8, aimed at banning on same sex marriage, is unconstitutional, the federal court of appeals for the Ninth US Circuit in San Francisco lifted the ban on same sex marriage in California today, ruling with immediate effect. California becomes the thirteenth legal same sex marriage states in United States. Historically, the view of majority rule impacts Americans, for there are many unsolved, controversial issues such as abortion, stem-cell research, and especially homosexual marriage. Therefore, it is extremely hard and difficult to promote legalization of same sex marriage. While today,same sex marriage get approval both in law and from many people in society,the San Francisco leaders played an important role in helping same sex marriage gain legal protection and greater social acceptance in American,promoting it to success step by step. This thesis will discuss the legalization’s process of same sex marriage from the angle of American politics and so on.


1. Introduction
2. Background
2.1 General situation of San Francisco and distribution of gay
2.2 Leaders’s attitude to same sex marriage
2.3.1 Representatives of opponent
2.3.2 Representatives of supporters
2.3 people’s attitude to same sex marriage
3. The process of San Francisco leaders helping same sex marriage gain protection of constitution
4. Significance
4.1 Significance in national election
4.1.1 The impact on competition among political parties
4.1.2 The changes in structure of electors
5. Reference

1. Introduction
In present world,many countries and regions passed same sex marriage successfully. For instance,the Netherlands,Norway,Iceland and so on. In American,New Hampshire,New York and other 14 states have passed same sex marriage until now,also including San Francisco,however,the process of setting up same sex marriage in San Francisco is full of twists and turns,beset with difficulties. So,it is obvious that San Francisco leaders played an important role in the whole process so that same sex marriage gain legal protection and greater social acceptance. The paper then introduce several aspects of background,analysis the process of promoting legalization with the clue of time,and discuss the range and significance in national election and constitution.
2. Background
2.1 General situation of San Francisco and distribution of gay
San Francisco,industrial and commercial city,is located in the California Pacific coast port. Urban area covers an area of 116 square kilometers. Population was 713000 (1984), the big city (including Oakland, Berkeley, etc.), 3.253 million (1980).There are a lot of artists, writers and actors living in San Francisco, where has always been one of the centers of culture and the modern liberalism in the 20th century.This reveals a fact that San Francisco is a city that advocate "diversity" authentically . Here, gays and lesbians can plant rainbow flag in the roof with great aplomb, living next to the heterosexual; Here, you can see a gay couple kissing in the street. For the aspect of city customs, the last Sunday in June is 'lesbian and gay freedom day parade ",the parading procession swagger through the streetall with flag.
In 2010, according to U.S. census data in recent 20 years, the United States family showed a trend of significant growth in the number of gay couples, many gay couples family scattered to a wider range of towns across the United States from the traditional "gay camps’’. According to the latest census data in the population of more than 250000 cities, the most densely gay populated of the top 10, respectively is: San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington, in Oakland, California, Minnesota, Minneapolis and Atlanta, Georgia, Portland, Oregon, long beach, California, Washington, Massachusetts Boston, Denver, Colorado.
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