Same Sex Parents Essay

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Is same-sex marriage bad for children?
Team B – Troy Tassin, Martin Hernandez, Graciela Flores, Jazmin Coleman, Melina Garcia
BCOM /275 April 2, 2013
John K. Trout III

Is same-sex marriage bad for children?
Dr. Trayce Hansen has summarized it would be bad for kids to have same sex parents. The data that she have put together alone could be the reasoning why children would have social and deep seeded issues of resentment later in life. The ones who really and truly think that same sex parents would have a negative impact on kids and how they would oppose gay marriages they are sad mistaken.
Dr. Hansen has been a licensed psychologist and has had her degree as a psychologist since 1997, but having think that she has not seen firsthand how kids are raised in a same sex family. It is been told over and over how to have a family that you need a mother and father figure. Dr. Hansen has pointed out, that men have attendances to, rule over relationship, risk-taking over caution, and standards over compassion, while women generally have reverse of the total opposite. Having a mother and father as parents gives children examples of both masculinity and femininity in action enables them to grow up with a healthy and balanced view of life and relationships. Having a child and raising them with a forum hand would give a child the understanding the roll of an adult would it be male or female. Surely you do not believe that you have to have a mother or a father to have a family. Having two people that loves one another and that wants to give a child a home that loves them is not wrong.
Having same sex parent would give a child a better understanding how society looks at both male and female rolls. Children would have an open mind and that it is okay to be who they are. Dr. Hansen has proposed in her studies that children would have sexual identity and would experience in homosexual acts. Those children that do not engage in non-heterosexual would have psychological disorders, possible alcohol and drug use, sexual assault, domestic violence, increased chance of disease.
"Two women can both be good mothers, but neither can be a good father."(Dr. Hansen)
Dr. Hansen is right to say that no WOMAN can be a “good father,” but there are several reasons to say that a single mother sometimes can benefit her children more than a man and a