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Sammy: “30 Years Later” “Paper or plastic?” I said. After a while these types of questions are the ones that seem to connect you with the customer. It was a rainy Friday afternoon. Here I was, again. 30 years ago I decided to leave this dump. I thought I would be the Superman of grocery shopping. I left thinking that I had done a heroic thing. After I went home to my parents they gave me the speech of my life. I went thinking that I would be this grand person and become someone important. It’s funny how when you’re a kid you think that you can rule the world and do the unthinkable. Then, life hits you and you see that you are just another person in the world. Eventually, going back to the store helped me realize this. Pitiful and embarrassing are the words that I came back with. I’ve always wondered whether or not those girls still remember me. I mean obviously, as a teenage with raging hormones I noticed them. After thinking about that situation, I never again will say anything. You see whether you try to be the nice or bad guy in life you will always come out at the wrong end. So, as this Friday afternoon started coming to the end of my shift, I noticed that the rain began to pick up with a stronger force. It seemed as if someone just decided to pour out buckets of water from the sky. I mean I like the rain but this didn’t seem like the type of rain that would fall all the time. I noticed that many people from the sidewalk started running into the store. I mean I didn’t want to do anything, I was tired of it. I decided to stay where I was and help this lady. The lady had the exact type of qualities from 30 years. The type that checks whether or not you’ve scanned the item twice and right away be there to correct you. This woman wasn’t too old. My age I guess, and well she seemed pretty attractive for my age. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have anyone to say that I love. Those girls changed the way I felt so I decided to stay low on the whole Mr. Player attitude. I mean come on. I can dream a little right. So this lady had something about her that I liked. I mean when you’re an old man like me, they just don’t seem to notice. “Cloth”, she said, “I know I sound like such a hippy but I just like to carry my own bag. I hope that you don’t mind”. She gave me a flirty look but I acted like I just didn’t care. “Umm… yeah I guess”, I said. With that, a flash of lightning appeared in the sky. “Oh my”, she said, “Do you think that if I went outside I would get wet?” I have never heard a funnier response in my life. I mean if you think about it, who asks that. The manager was coming around again. Reminded me of a panther when you don’t know where he is yet, he just seems to appear. This guy was this young 23 years old. The kind of guy that expects everyone to like him yet you hate him with a passion. He had this short stature and had enough gel in his hair to last him a month. “What are you doing? Come on”, said Edward, “Miss, is this man disturbing you?” I looked at the customer, she looked like a Frida. “Oh no! Of course not! Why don’t you have more people like this handsome. I mean hard-working man in your store!” You know how girls turn into the red scarlet color when they get either well complimented or even if they get just really embarrassed. I turned that color. I mean this brought back that nostalgic feeling of the three girls from almost 30 years ago. Edward just went away with his big long nose in the air. He acted like those people that get proved wrong yet won’t admit it. This lady seemed to be hitting on me. Hitting me with her looks and the way that she talked about me impressed me. Look, I’ll be completely honest. I am a pretty good looking guy for my age. Sure, my co-workers have always told me this but I seemed too modest to accept the fact that it is true. Frida was getting her cloth bag into the cart. She kept looking at the rain, then me, then the rain. I mean I knew she wanted something but then again it seemed