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Sammie Brown

Some ways Christians are viewed in our culture is that we are all born into sin but we can all be forgiven by Christ (Psalms 51:5). The only way to heaven is through Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). The perception of Christians are viewed differently from person to person. Some people believe that Christians are too harsh, some believe that Christians are loving, kind, and caring. That depends on the persons encounter.
Some specific moral reasons people may reject Christians is specifically sex and marriage. This is a big thing in our generation because one thing it is everywhere. It is on television, magazines, billboards, schools, literally everywhere. Sex is viewed as common and no longer sacred like God intended it to be. God wanted sex to be for a man and a wife nowadays you rarely find virgins on their wedding day. Another thing is that God loves everyone but sex and marriage is to be for a man and a woman many gay’s feel that god hates them and Christians hate them because they are gay. God loves us all but that aspect is for a man and a woman not man and man or vice versa.
Some emotional reasons people reject the gospel is anger. For example my uncle was very close to God. At one point he was talking about becoming a minister until one day the tragic thing happened where he lost his twin brother. He was so angry with God that he turned away and started to reject Christ. Many people feel this from death they often view it as an insult rather than their loved one being in paradise.