Sammy In John Updike's A + P

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Everyone has had that job that they hated during their teenage years. The one you wanted to quit and do better things with your time. Sammy knows a lot about that in the story “A + P” by John Updike. Sammy is the main protagonist in the story who hates his boring cashier job and wants to leave. He knows it’s not what he wants to do and something, a group of girls, which helps him make the decision to do what’s best. He knows that he shouldn’t be here, he should be free like the group of girls he sees. He is a boy that’s developing into a man who’s starting to realize he can make decisions for himself. The group of girls are an attraction to Sammy and he notices every small detail about them. They play a key role in Sammy’s development. Listen to yourself and do what you think is best for you. …show more content…
It is shown throughout the story with subtle hints scattered throughout. He’s a teenager that has a job because his parents got it for him and its one he does not like, he’d rather be outside and free. “’Sammy, you don’t want to do this to your Mom and Dad,’ he tells me. It’s true, I don’t… I just saunter into the electric eye in my white shirt that my mother ironed the night before, and the door heaves itself open…” (435). This is saying that Sammy knows how much the job means to his parents because they are friends with the store manager. In quitting his job it will make his parents feel bad and mad for working to get him the job. He was filled with fear and regret as soon as that door opened for him and he walked out. How would he tell his parents he just quit his job when he knows they wanted him to have it? He likes his parents and doesn’t want to hurt them, but he feels he did what was best for himself, which shows he’s starting to become an