Analysis Of Mcdonald's Advertisements

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Samone Jackson
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Angela Brown
June 23, 2014 Have Some?

Golden, crisp, fresh, hot, nicely salted……what just came to mind? One may think of an order of McDonald’s famous fries. McDonald’s seems to get the job done for a lot of people when it comes to a daily meal. McDonald’s prices and deals are always reasonable. Ever wondered why we go back and forth to McDonald’s as often as we do? McDonald’s great system of advertising plays a major role in this. McDonald’s spends at least $800 million dollars on promoting the restaurant each year ( para2). McDonald’s advertisement is what makes the company and restaurants within the company so strong. This ad I chose to analyze is a great example of McDonald’s brilliant ways of advertising. This McDonald’s ad sends numerous messages through to grab the consumer/buyer’s attention, popularity on the selection they are advertising within the restaurant, and choice of words. It is not hard at all for McDonald’s to grab someone’s attention while advertising. McDonald’s is all about grabbing the customer’s attention. McDonald’s uses lots of sources to draw the customer in like food, deals, toys and even Ronald McDonald himself. In this ad McDonald’s advertises a product of food. McDonald’s featured a box of their golden fries and they are carved from a fresh potato which they are made of. Seeing this ad may give the customer the idea that McDonald’s fries are natural and fresh. In this ad they are promoting the quality and taste of their fries. At the bottom in the right corner it says “Real Good”, referring to their popular fries. When McDonald’s advertise they try to choose something that is very popular and may grab the attention of different age groups. For example, when they advertise toys they are usually popular toys that mostly everyone knows about. In this ad McDonald’s advertise their popular fries. Fries at McDonald’s make a better profit than most hamburgers. McDonald’s label their fries as the world famous fries. McDonald’s even advertise their fries well in the store because when you walk in the fry machines are the first thing you see with a bold light to show the freshly cooked fries. As soon as you walk in the fresh aroma of fries hits you right in the face. The item that McDonald’s s selling has to be popular and high in sales what better than the fries. Researchers say that 77% of people said the French fries in the bag stamped with the McDonald’s arches and a smile tastes better than fries from a plain white bag. ( para.4). When it comes down to McDonald’s advertising they really get the job done with the choice of words they use. There have been several