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MD Health Business Continuity Plan

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MD Health Business Continuity Plan

The purpose of the Business Continuity Plan is to provide a series of defined procedures and protocols to protect MD-Health; to minimize or contain the extent of damage to University facilities and property; to allow communication systems to function in spite of suspension of normal operating conditions; and by and large, to enable the institution to respond in an efficient, well-organized, and safe manner (“Business Continuity”, 2013).
The most important thing in the event of mayor incident is to make sure that employees, students and staff are educated about the
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Protection and Prevention - Pre-incident Preparations
University Wide Preparations

There are many things that can be done to prepare the institution for a major incident or event. What follows are some of the measures that can be taken to minimize the impact of such an event and which will allow for a faster recovery of business operations.
Protecting the Data
The University contains, creates and collects a great amount of information and is important to protect it for a number of reasons; some of it is valuable research data that can be used to request funds as grants from government or by selling it to corporations; some of it is personally identifiable staff and student data that needs to be protected to comply with FERPA or state laws, to prevent identity theft, and to prevent competitive or potentially embarrassing information to be released.
There are several mechanisms that have been put in place to protect the data during normal business operations, a few of these are: the use of an email DLP solution that allows for the secure communications of emails with sensitive information, the use of hard drive encryption software that is used on all workstations and laptops and is offered for free to students as well. The use of Firewall and IPS systems to prevent