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Exhibit 1
Total Health Expenditure per Capita, U.S. and Selected Countries, 2008

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2010), “OECD Health Data”, OECD Health Statistics (database). doi: 10.1787/data-00350-en (Accessed on 14 February 2011).Notes: Data from Australia and Japan are 2007 data. Figures for Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, are OECD estimates. Numbers are PPP adjusted.
This picture shows a Pareto Chart; a bar graph with the bars arranged in frequency order. Data at the nominal level of measurement.
Yes, it makes sense, easy to interpret, is organized, and is definitely straight to the point.
I believe this was the best way to present this data. They could have used a regular bar graph, but this Pareto Chart looks more organized and gets straight to the point especially with the different color for the United States. They also could have used a stem-and-leaf plot or a dotplot, but I think these all could have been easily misunderstood or even misinterpreted.
The numbers along the vertical axis clearly indicate the scale, the numbers line with the “tick marks,” and there is a label present that describes the variable shown on the vertical axis. The categories/countries are clearly indicated along the horizontal axis, there are tick marks present on each side of the bars to make it easier to read. However, there is no label present on the horizontal axis, perhaps because it is self-explanatory.
Yes, the graph