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What is ProspectSelect?
ProspectSelect specializes in coordinating and providing showcases and tournaments to open doors for high school baseball players. Our job is to provide a platform that enables pro scouts and college coaches from every level of competition to learn more about Florida’s best high school baseball players.

How can ProspectSelect help me achieve my goals?
Having over eight years of success working with coaches, scouts, parents and players has given me the ability to continue helping young ballplayers get the support they need. This isn’t just a business – this is a community network that I want to grow. As a player who went through the drafting process in college and in the majors, I wish I had had more support in deciding which college to attend based on my athletic and academic goals. ProspectSelect has relationships with college coaches and pro scouts from all over the country in every level of competition. I want young players to get the best opportunity to perform at their highest potential.

How does ProspectSelect work?
We have events throughout the year around Florida – and now New Jersey - that we invite coaches and scouts to attend so they can watch players on both an individual skill level (our showcases) and during our annual events (our tournaments). We will extend invitations to players in Florida based on their statistics, or they can contact ProspectSelect directly and we will evaluate their performance. From there, we will give ballplayers feedback on performance, what events would be good to participate in, and how they can better their chances at finding the proper fit for each player’s individual baseball and academic needs.

When should I get started working with Prospect Select?
We work with all high school players, so the sooner the better! We encourage freshmen who are serious about a post-high school baseball career to start using our resources right away. The quicker a ballplayer becomes familiar with the recruiting process for college teams or for the major leagues, the more comfortable they will be when performing in front of coaches or scouts on this level of competition. That said, we have events for all classmen, and other events that put the spotlight on each level of classmen.

How do I get started?
Send us an email ( and we will visit with and evaluate you. We will give you feedback on performance, what events would be good to participate in, and how you can better your chances at finding the proper fit for your baseball and academic needs. This would start the process. How do scouts and coaches use ProspectSelect?
Both pro scouts and college coaches use our services and our website to get player information and compare potential recruits. Our showcases provide an individual platform for players to show their skills, and our tournaments (travel team style competition) are well attended by coaches from top colleges and pro scouts. Our website provides a database with unique player information such as baseball skills, academic performance, and contact information – which is crucial to recruiting process on any level of post-high school competition.

What were some highlights for ProspectSelect 2011?
We are all still excited about the expansion of ProspectSelect in New Jersey, where we are now committed to high school players in the Northeast. Our Southeastern (NAME??) Event at Ft. Myers was a great success as well. The one-day event hosted over 45 players and over 35 pro and college scouts and coaches, and showcased some outstanding talent. Specifically, class of 2012 players Michael Klement (Oklahoma State), Shaun Anderson (UF), Jason Carmichael (UF), Kildric Melliniun (FIU)