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Jianan Sun
354 Foreman Avenue Lexington, KY, 40506 859.555.1234
Seeking a challenge position in finance that enables me to grow as a professional in the field.

Library of University of Kentucky Mar.-Apr. 2010
Accounting intern Lexington, KY
Collected reporting data for every day use
Assisted in information input with Microsoft Excels

Kentucky Fried Chickens Oct.-Dec. 2010
Part-time waiter Lexington, KY
Collaborated with partners to deal with orders

Capacity to work under great pressure and overcome setbacks with strong determination. Hard-working attitude and good team work with other staff by means of excellent communication. Fast leaning ability to adapt to new environment.

University of Kentucky, May, 2013(expected) Lexington, KY,
Major: Accounting GPA: 3.0

Presented project plan, problem solving with team work
Developed various reports including the verbal and written forms in limited time
Delivered any data reports as the assistant to financial executive in a precise manner
Facilitated group discussion by providing appropriate feedback after the discussion
Expressed the ideas in team activity in an effective way and listened to others attentively
Earned the ability of forecasting and predicting budget
Identified the financial resources by defining needs and solved problems in time
Developed evaluation strategies by analyzing data and setting goals in line with the budget
Extracted important information from gathered database resulting in offering creative ideas
Imagined and identified feasible alternatives in the process of financial management
Technological skills
Experienced in basic use of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access as well as accounting computerization system
Mastered in rapid search for the needed information and database
Earned the capacity to fully take advantage of the information on the website to acquire the updated data
Jianan Sun
354 Foreman Avenue, Lexington, KY, 40506. 859.555.123,

January 20, 2013

Mr. Gerard Berger
Manager of Human Resources
Collin Ave 1023
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Dear Mr. Berger:

I am applying for the position of the Accountant Assistant in the department of finance in Allen Investment Inc., which can be found on the website of the Monster. The position seems to fit very well with my education in the university and my career interests. The enclosed resume elaborating on the details of my experiences and skills indicates my determination to apply what I leaned into the operation.

The position requires the computer literacy, good communication skills and excellent team work coordination with a B.S degree in economics or finance, according to the job ads. In the period of my study in the university, I have learned all the basic principles and standards with regards to this discipline, and put them into practice during my internship. My B.S degree in accounting and my internship experiences lay the foundation for my career in the future.

My participation in the courses of computer science and management will help me with processing data in a scientific way. Preciseness and carefulness are two basic principle that one eligible accountant assistant should have, which I will dedicate to my work in the operation. I am confident that I can perform effectively during the work in the company and excited about the idea of working in such dynamic and predominant