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Jassen Anthony Lopez
32 Bar D 4 Rd
Espanola, NM 87532
Cell Phone: (505) 795-5346

CAREER OBJECTIVE To obtain a meaningful and challenging position that enables me to learn and allows for advancement. EXPERIENCE October 2013- Present

Department of Army
Surface Maintenance Mechanic

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, inspect, and/or overhaul a variety of complex combat, tactical, commercial, and special purpose vehicles and equipment having complicated mechanical and non-mechanical systems with a variety of interconnected systems. Provide technical guidance and specialized team leadership to lower grade employees.

June 2010 – Present

New Mexico National Guard
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

Learned electronic and mechanical principles and concepts, including the use of schematics, drawings, blueprints and wiring diagrams; the use of electronic, electrical and mechanical test equipment; and how to repair and maintain electrical products and power systems. Handles the maintenance and repair of vehicles such as Humvees, cars and trucks. Work on all parts of the vehicles, from engines, steering, brakes, suspensions and electrical systems to wheel/hub assemblies, hydraulic systems and damaged body parts. Operate and licensed on vehicles such as Humvee’s, 5 ton trucks, Hemmit Wrecker, LMTV.
November 2012- September 2013
Napa Auto Parts
Moved the right auto parts to the right place with safety, precision and speed, using an electronic scanner to pull parts, and pack and load them for shipment. Having a keen sense for seeing, hearing and remembering part numbers and line codes. Lifted merchandise up to 60lbs and Push/Pull up to 300 lbs as needed while maneuvering heavy equipment using hand trucks motorize cards, pallet jackets etc. Help team members maintain a clean, organized floor. Shift shipping totes from conveyers and engage in proper packaging of customer products.

August 2012 – November 2012
• Conveys materials and items from/to receiving, warehouse, staging, or shipping areas, Mark materials with identifying information and labels finished products. Wrap mattress with a protective covering and sews ends of covering, Inserts wrapped mattress into a terry clot cover, Puts covered mattress, labeling and instruction sheet into plastic packaging, Inserts packaged mattress into cardboard shipping box. Works at different stations as production needs require, Works on line where tasks vary as different models of same article are assembled and packaged, Maintains and cleans assigned work area production assembly.
February 2012- August 2012

Schott Solar

Performed all mechanical and machinist trade functions necessary for the operation of a glass manufacturing facility. Assembled, installed, troubleshot and maintained both production and building systems’ mechanical equipment, water, drainage, compressed air, HVAC, steam, natural gas, compressed gas, cryogenic gasses and other process and building support utilities. Constructed assembled or disassembled, and repaired furnaces, annealing ovens, glass-handling system components. Kept informed of the latest technology and equipment introduced to the plant and facilities. Attended trade courses to upgrade skills as needed.

April 2008 - May 2009 Transportation Security Administration- TSO Performed a variety of duties related to providing security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft. As a TSO, I perform both passenger screening and baggage screening. I perform all of these duties in a courteous and professional manner. The principal duties and responsibilities include the following:
Perform security screening:
Of persons, including tasks such as: hand-wanding (which includes the requirement to reach and wand the individual from the floor to over head), pat-down searches, and monitoring walk-through metal detector screening equipment
Of property, including the operation of x-ray machines to identify