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Name: Anthony Russo Date of Birth: 29/4/1999 (Age: 15) Address: 17 Cilento Crescent, East Ryde, 2113
Mobile No: 0452438812

Work Objective To have my own source of income and gain valuable experience working in a casual position, where I can apply my skills,abilities and knowledge for the benefit of the customer, the workplace and for myself.

Education Current Level: Secondary, Year 10 School: Marist College North Shore Elective Subjects:
­ Food Technology
­ Commerce
­ Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) Achievements: Academic Excellence awards for Mathematics, English and PASS .
Headmasters award for service to school and for being actively involved in school life.

Key Skills and Attributes

: Over the years, I have been apart of many types of teams, including a Rugby
League team for 9 years. I am well aware of the importance of teamwork and being a team player. I am prepared to follow advice to complete tasks and I enjoy learning from others to help improve my performance. I hate letting my team down and I always make sure I pull my weight and contribute to the best of my ability.

: I always try and use initiative where I can. Whilst I follow out instructions given to me, I also understand how important it is to use my own common sense to get things done in a quick and productive manner. So if required, I will most often