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Cong Cao

Discipline Investigation Essay
The main objective of a discipline investigation essay is to allow student to seek and uncover facts or information from a professional. Discipline investigation essay is very similar to a research paper. However, the empirical data that student collect during the interview with an expert will be the main source that student use for this essay. It is important for student to practice this particular type of essay, because it allows student to explore the particular career field that they chosen. My audiences for this discipline investigation essay are my classmate, my DDL 100A teacher, faculty members on the 100A portfolio committee, and people who are interesting in business Mechanical
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His childhood dream was to become a successful artist, because music and art are the only two things that he was enjoying doing when he was young. At age 17, Zheng began to work part-time as a car repairer at Auto West to help his mother to support the family. Despites the difficulty in life, Zheng was able to finished high school and went to college as a mechanical engineering major. Two years later, Zheng got promoted as a supervisor at work. It was the first time that he had to take the role of a leader, who has the responsibility of the store's crews, sales, and finance. As he was working as the supervisor of the store, Zheng felt that he need to gain more knowledge about mechanical management and took a management course the following semester.
I asked Mr. Zheng, why he chose mechanical engineering as his focus career field. According to Zheng, his idea of being an engineer is from observing around his community. He noticed how many small machine shop are doing an extremely well; especially, he believed that most owner of these machine shop do not have the education that he has from going to school in the United States. With well educated, Zheng knew that his chance of become successful in this career is
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Zheng replied, a great engineer required a high skill of observation, risk taking; and most importantly, treat machine right. According to Zheng, an engineer needs a high level of observation skills to seek new idea from existent ideas. In order for people to want your product, you need to take the most wanted product and turn it in to something special, a product that everyone wants to put their hands on. It was then, we decide whether we want to take risks with our new improvement products or keep improving it. Tran also gave me some advises, which he learned from one of his engineering classes that mechanical world is all about thinking and hand making. He said: “As an engineer, we needs to provide or create anything that necessary meet our customer satisfaction. This is the only way to make consumer come back. We also need to treat our employees’ right, and make sure they always excited to come to work and leave happy. In other words, customers love to come back to a new tool or machine tools that make them feel satisfied when spending their