Essay on Sampling and Mayfield High School

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Diploma in Business
INU1111 – Quantitative Methods
Data Handling Assignment 1 (10%)
Due Date: Tuesday 27th November 2012 by 9 am in Lecture.
This assignment will give you a chance to practise your statistical and computer skills using Microsoft Excel. You will do some analysis of data provided for pupils at Mayfield High School to produce graphs; these outputs will need to be incorporated into written answers, which will be in the format of short paragraphs in a Microsoft Word document.
What to do? 1) Choose two questions you want to ask from the data. For example, which sports are popular for girls and for boys? Are there differences in eye colour between boys and girls? Are girls or boys taller? (Is that true for all ages of pupils?) How does height change with age? Do older pupils watch more or less TV than younger pupils? a. You will use data collected from Mayfield High School to demonstrate two relevant sampling techniques to produce representative samples that answer the questions. How many pupils would you need in your sample? b. Calculate summary statistics for the data collected from your samples. c. Choose at least three different kinds of graph to illustrate the data collected. d. Draw a conclusion, which will be in the format of a written paragraph describing what you have found from your sample data in answer to the questions that you asked in part 1. (100-150 words approx.) 2) Also calculate summary statistics for boys and for girls from one of your samples for IQ, distance between home and school, and weight. Use this information to make box plots to compare the boys and girls in your sample. Comment on what you have found. (100-150 words approx.)
What to hand in?
Two printed copies of your report need to be submitted to Denise Daniels and an electronic copy must be uploaded through Turnitin. The report must describe what you did and what you found and offer…