Samsung Case Essay

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For the longest time, almost 30 years, Samsung was known as a “copy cat” cheap brand of electronics. They started out by making calculators and black and white television. Today however, Samsung is the leading television manufacturer and has leading technology and innovative ideas. So how did this happen? Samsung introduced a new way of management in 1993 to reinvent their brand. Even though they are the leader they still face challenges and have some areas they can improve. In 1993 CEO Lee revealed the “new management strategy, a top to bottom strategy to take Samsung to a new level of success. His goal in all of this was to make Samsung a top brand and to take Sony out of the top spot for consumer electronics. They came out with a new line of products that were bold and innovative and called them “lifestyle works of art.” For these products to be put on the market they had to pass the “Wow!” test. If they did not get that reaction during the testing period they were sent back for redesigning. The way they were able to do this was by hiring younger and more technologically sound designers. Also they built strong relationships with high-end electronic stores like Best Buy and Circuit City to increase their brand image. Samsung’s product development process was a huge success and was team based with the new management system they used which was a top to bottom throughout the whole company. Based on the product life cycle some challenges Samsung faces are,…