Samsung Case Study Essay

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Maintaining the “Single Samsung” Spirit: New Challenges in a Changing Environment

Caryn Ng Kar Yan

Keah Mei Sian

Nur Fathiha Bte Johan Ariffin

Mohd Roshan bin Mohd Yusop

Sarkunarajah S

Wan Arjunaidi Bin Awang @ Wan Abdul Halim

Abstract Samsung portrayed a very interesting and impressive success story in every aspect of development. Although they were hit hard by financial crisis in 2009, Samsung survived the ordeal with their impressive financial performance. The astonishing part of their achievement is mostly guided by internal management capability, positive aligned culture and belief system that empowering human capital is the foundation in building and
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In summary, Samsung will have to place more effort in bridging the corporate culture that it is trying to develop with the national culture.

3. Discuss possible solutions to foster and maintain an aligned culture Having an aligned culture is crucial in an organization. Taking into consideration of diverse culture plays an important role in shaping individual personality, physically and psychologically: employee morale, commitment, productivity, physical health, and emotional well being. To have a positive aligned culture we belief that it must be initiated from top down. For those who are currently in high management level should commit into organization culture before requesting the low management employees to make the commitment (Cameron & Quinn, 2011). Samsung ability to create a diverse and creative culture is astonishing; 1. Samsung philosophy – built a culture where employees felt pride and has sense of accomplishment in contributing to the well being of society. 2. Samsung innovation- developed a culture of “sharing is caring” concept. Where knowledge, ideas and technology is shared and transferred through aggressive recruiting and networking. 3. Samsung cooperation among various functions – Most apparent in its strategic decision to couple technology and management by enforcing positive interactions between technology and management. The result was fast, dynamic, flexible and performance oriented