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Samuel Bagjett
Paul Londrigan
Movie Response

My initial reaction to the movie was she is getting beat by her husband and he don’t care about the children being around I gotten piss off right away because I don’t believe in a man putting his hands on a woman physically. I was enraged at the movie because from that point on it just keep getting worst and I was getting pissed off at one point tears began forming in the wells of my eyes because I know women who been taking a vantage of and I don’t like it. I can’t believe that women actually was treated that way in the work place how can a man act that way towards women when they wouldn’t allow their own to be treated that way. I wouldn’t be able to work there I because the way they treated these innocent women with no respect. The men who didn’t believe in what was going on didn’t bother to make a stand for what they believed in it was too many cowers on the job. I couldn’t believe that these women would allow them self’s to be disrespected so hard to earn a paycheck. They even lied for the company in order to keep their job but I guess when you need the money you gotta have the money. This movie was really hard for me to keep watching because I couldn’t help those women. If I was the manager I would have kept an open mind by having somebody to look into it by getting an inside person to report to me about what going on and who does what. I wouldn’t of protected none of them scum bags because I love women and feel like they should be treated with equal respect. If I was the manager I would have given everyone who work…