Samurai Swot Analysis

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Humanities Summative Isolation and Adaptation

“Living in isolation is the only way to truly live”


Geisha: adaptation
Samurai: Isolation

(Begin with Geisha bowing to the Samurai. Samurai is kneeling behind a low table facing the door. She walks up to the table and kneels facing the Samurai)

Baily: Good evening Takashi-san.

Iliana: What makes you say that. Times of change are upon us. My positon as samurai will soon be nonexistent.

Baily: Oh Takashi- San, you mustn’t be so dramatic. You of all people must desire the money the Westerners will bring.

(The Geisha picks up the teapot and pours tea for the Samurai)

Iliana: Don’t be so foolish!

(The Geisha puts down the teapot unmannerly)

Iliana: Those savages lack
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They will help save our economy. Takashi you cannot own land and you are reliant on your stipend, I do not know of how you pay for such amenities. You are lucky to have inherited your social standing.

Iliana: Do you not worry about the tradition and culture that will be lost? Surely you are aware of the rising merchant class.

Baily: Do you not worry about Japans future? Japan can only sustain in isolation for so long.

Iliana: If we open our borders I will lose all my social standing as well as my privileges and power.

Baily: You will lose more than just social standing if we keep in isolation. Japan will lose all its culture to poverty and chaos. Trade means money, and money means business for me.

Iliana: We have much more to lose than gain. Our society is strong in social structure. Our resources are rich enough and our economy is surviving.

Baily: You do not see our lack of land or resources. Japan only produces rice and seafood. Our deforestation problem only increases.

Iliana: You are disloyal and what of the shogun he will be reduced to nothing more than a figure head like the emperor. We will become as uncultured and disorderly as the