Sanctions on Cuba Essay

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Brittney Fair
English 101
May 5, 2013

Sanctions on Cuba

Cuba is a communist country currently under the rule of Raul Castro. As of now, the United States has rules against traveling to and trading with Cuba. Fidel Castro put these in place a little over fifty years ago. Back then there was a need for these rules, especially because of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was part of the Cold War. There were many disagreements, but those have been surpassed over time and no longer pose an issue, which is why there is no longer a need for the sanctions to be in place. It would not only benefit the United States, but also greatly benefit the economy of Cuba if these sanctions were to be lifted. President Barack Obama’s decision to ease the travel and trade are designed to “reach out to the Cuban people in support of their desire to freely determine their country’s future.” (McCarthy 1). The United States should lift these travel and trade sanctions on Cuba for the benefit of everyone. Americans are currently allowed to travel to Cuba only under certain circumstances. This is relaxed from the previously more harsh rules of disallowing any travel there. As of April 2009, if a person has a special permit to promote agricultural sales, is a member of a church or student group, or is going to visit a member of their immediate family, they may travel to Cuba (“U.S.”). This is a step in the right direction, but much more should be allowed. Tourism is prohibited at this time, but it would greatly help business development if, for example, hotel and service companies could expand to the island of Cuba. There is a great deal of potential for Americans to vacation if the rules are changed, which would result in profits for these businesses and economic benefit to the local economy from the investment. In 2012, Raul Castro allowed Cubans to purchase an exit visa, which enables them to leave the country and travel to another country. However, if someone is highly educated with a specialty, such as a doctor, that’s person would not be allowed to leave. Starting next year, however, most Cubans will be allowed to leave the country with a passport except the highly educated and high-level, high paid athletes. (Brumfield 1). This does not mean that the passports will be easy to get, but it’s a good start. Having to purchase an exit visa is very inhumane and is actually encouraging the Cuban people not to get an education until they leave the country. The fact that the travel policy is changing is something to be said, if but Raul makes the ability to get a passport just as hard, there is no point. There really is no incentive to be educated or successful and that is harming their economy. If Americans are allowed to freely travel and trade with Cuba, there is a greater chance for Raul Castro to change his ways with his own people. Lifting the trade sanctions is something that would benefit both the United States and Cuban economies. There are many things that could be offered up for both. Cuba has recently found oil and has an abundance of sugar, cigars, coffee, and nickel. Those are all that are in demand constantly by Americans. In return, the United States has made greater technological advancements; agriculture could offer things such as Wisconsin cheese. It would be beneficial for both economies and is something to be strongly considered. Some people think that Cuba has been our enemy for years and should never be trusted. With the United States economy the way it is right now, we