sand lime block autoclave characteristics Essay

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sand lime block autoclave characteristics

Advantages of sand lime Blocks plant: 1.Lightweight: Porosity achieve 70% to 85%, volume density is generally 500-900kg/m3, as 1/5 of general concrete brick,the 1/4of clay brick, the 1/3 of hollow brick, and similar with wood can float in water. It can reduce building weight, reduction in the cost of integrated building,moreover,prolong building’s life.
2.Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire. Fire 650 degrees, as a refractory material, the thick up of 100 mm walls can reach to 4 hours fire resistance, 300mm thick up wall can reach to 9 hours fire resistance.
3.Sound insulation: Due to a unique porous structure, so it has a sound absorption capacity. The sound absorption capacity can reach of 100mm thick wall up to 41 db.

ZG sand lime block autoclave have such characteristics as follows:

1. The sand lime block autoclave are made in pipelining. Due to automatic jointing, the surface is smooth. The still kettles are made out in large number with advanced structure and reasonable design. The installation terms of still kettles are short, so the investment is low.

2. The structural configuration of still kettle is in barrel cartridge typed steeled design. The end shield of Kettle is made out of an integral 16MnR pressed steel plate. An integral 16MnR steel plate are forged into the body flange and bung flange. The welding line of the pressed parts are all come up to GB150-1998 X-ray NO-DAMAGE-TEST AND HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL PRODUCTS.

3. The products with complete supporting facilities and controlled by man or by computer. The door of kettles adopts active fast…