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Legitimate Identification for Social Networks Many people do not take the internet serious these days. Not everyone is apprehensive about his or her own safety. A lot of people-mainly teenagers and children think of it as just another way to fill everyone in on his or her life not knowing who is viewing the information. People want to be safe and catch delinquents committing crimes, social networks should require every person to provide their real identification number proving whom a person on the other side of the screen is. A lot of people will argue that they should not have to prove or provide their real identity, crimes are not “necessarily” committed by everyone but people are afraid of having personal information available for anyone to access. However, many people do commit crimes and post the things they have done for this reason they are against providing real information about themselves. I believe it is better being safe than sorry with people providing their real identity on social networks. This will help lower crime rates by, providing accurate information about the person committing a crime which will be helpful in a Court of Law by providing data. The public may also be against providing legal documentation because the risk of identity theft. Moreover, this is true, but there are ways of preventing theft like many businesses do by using secured and encrypted servers. To know who a person is police officers ask to see identification this is how it should be on file online, without leaking any personal information unless authorized only to be used by providing a person’s real identity. There are still many concerned internet users such as parents, family members and friends that want to ensure the safety of themselves as well as loved ones. There are many cases where children talk to strangers convinced it is someone their age but is not in most cases. My mother has a best friend; she has a twelve or thirteen year old daughter whose name is Abigail. An incident occurred on Twitter where Abigail believed she was innocently messaging the “famous” singer Justin Bieber and during the conversation “Justin” began asking for nude photos immediately she told her mom and had it reported to the site. There are thousands of fraudulent profiles. People try to deceive others to make a person believe they are someone else. “Police report the predator is creating fake teenage celebrity profiles on Facebook to make connections with children” (Padula). Enforcing a law that people have to provide their real identification on every social network everyone can drastically decrease the numbers of false profiles. Also help diminish predators from trying to disguise themselves as a much younger person. This will help keep loved ones safe. Having a person’s actual identity linked to his or her profiles can help catch delinquents committing crimes. Many people using social networks upload inappropriate videos as well as photos. “Detectives are beginning to use social network sites more often to investigate crimes. For instance, YouTube is a popular place for people to post videos of fights, vandalism, etc” (Jerpi). Recently I’ve viewed a video involving a girl whom I do not know; in the video, she performs horrible abusive acts to her baby, which by the looks is not much older than two years old. Prison is the right place for people like this I am against such crimes and would like to see them take responsibility for their actions. I have also come across many “pages” on Facebook where people upload