Sandra Cisneros And Frederick Douglass Analysis

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Ever feel like you just want or needs someone’s approval on whatever it is? Whether it’s for a picture you should post on social media or even if it’s a life decision? I know each one of us have been in that situation before some point in our lives. Sandra Cisneros, Malcolm X, and Frederick Douglass have been there. They can all relate to somethings in a way or two. Like they are all lived in the United States, all three of them are “imprisoned” in their own way, and t Yet all three of them have their differences too.

All of them want approval that they are very passionate about. For example Sandra Cisneros wanted approval from her father after going to a university and wanting to complete her dream of being a writer/author. Malcolm X
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Malcolm X knew how to speak very well even though he didn’t know any high vocabulary, while he was in prison that’s when he decided that he wanted to start learning about Mr. Elijah Muhammad. By him grabbing a dictionary and studying words he didn’t know the meaning of he started to develop new and high vocabulary. ”I saw the best thing I could do was get hold of a dictionary- to study, to learn some words”. Frederick Douglass has been a slave for his whole life so he never knew how to write or even read because he wasn’t allowed to. By him being very passionate he wanted to learn, he wanted to know how to speak properly, he wanted to be able to sound sophisticated when talking to someone just like Malcolm X wanted to do as well.

Each one of them have had their share of people telling them what they can and can’t do whether it be a parent, their slave owner, and even a prison guard. They were all imprisoned in their own way, Frederick Douglass was actually a slave so he never had his own freedom. Malcolm X did have his freedom but later gotten it taken away from him because he was a thief so he went to prison. “It had really begun back in Charlestown Prison”. Sandra Cisneros is a prisoner is her own state of mind she cannot get through to her father that she is more than just a young women who should soon be someone’s