Sandra Cisneros Eleven

Words: 465
Pages: 2

Assignment: Close Read “Eleven” questions 1,2,3 and 5

Directions: Using the ACE format, answer each of the comprehension questions for “Eleven”. Remember to check for errors in spelling, grammar, and written expression prior to printing and submitting for a grade. :)

1. The reason why Sandra Cisneros wrote the story “Eleven” in a second-person point of view is to engage the readers to connect to the story. In paragraph one, it states, “And when you wake up on your eleventh birthday you expect to feel eleven, but you don't. You open your eyes and everything's just like yesterday, only it's today.” The use of the word “you” in this quote gives the readers a personal connection to the context of the story. It allowed the readers to place themselves in Rachel’s situation and better understand what she was going through.

2. Sandra Cisneros switches the story to first person because the main character Rachel is switching into a personal narrative which requires a
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The figure of speech used in paragraph twelve is repetition. Repetition is the repeating of a word or phase to emphasis a point being made in the story. For example, Rachel repeats the following words: “not mine”, “eleven”, and “Happy Birthday” to show her frustration with the situation with the red sweater. Rachel feels outspoken by the teacher and the only way she feels she can be heard is by repeating words to herself.

5. The idea Rachel repeats is the fact that being eleven is also being all the ages younger than eleven and how she wishes to be a much older age instead. In paragraph twenty-two, Rachel thinks, “I'm eleven today. I'm eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, but I wish I was one hundred and two.” This explains how Rachel believes that with old age comes more experience and wisdom. This experience is a turning point for Rachel because it ruined her birthday and caused her to want to be older in order to deal with future, similar