Sandwich Blitz Ethics

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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility of Sandwich Blitz
Any business must be involved in ethical business practices and also, honor its corporate social responsibility. Sandwich Blitz must conduct a “healthy” business that respects the laws of the community within which it operates. According to Stevens and Fleckenstein (1999), any hotel management must be seen to attend to ethical issues than any other type of business due to the nature of this business.
Dalman is faced with the challenge of protecting Sandwich Blitz earnings and at the same time aligning the operations of the business with the outlined ethical standards.
He must take a step to move the trash dumpster to the required place. Even if it involves acquiring the plot of
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They should not accept to supply the food for the inspector’s holiday as a way of thanking him for allowing them to carry on with the unethical operations. The freedom they are given to operate by providing the food is only for a short time since later the same problem will still be there. They should look for ways of handling the trash dumpsite as required by law.
Sandwich Blitz has a duty to protect the environment. Correcting their unlawfully located dumpsite is one step towards respecting and protecting the environment. Its activities should not degrade the environment, but should work to maintain or even improve it. The lack of land for expansion will pose a challenge towards correcting this problem, but Dalman can acquire the neighboring plots of land for this purpose, though this may be costly.
Accepting to supply the food for the inspector’s holiday in exchange for the continued unlawful operation is considered as corruption. A business has a duty to fight corruption among its employees and that which may arise from its dealings. Dalman accepting to give the inspector food for the holiday can be considered to e issuing a bribe. This is unethical and goes against thee stipulated ethical standards of any business. These are rules or codes that provide guidelines for truthfulness and morally upright behavior, in particular, situations (Lewis 1985). The situation that Dalman faces is tricky, but the code of ethics must be