Sandy: Hurricane Katrina Essay

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When I used to hear about hurricanes I never used to fear it, but after my experience with sandy I don’t ever want to be in a conflict with a hurricane again. I chose to do a research project on hurricane sandy because I wanted to compare it to hurricane Katrina to find out which one was worst or cost the economy more. I’m interested in hurricane sandy because I was affected by it and its aftermath. One Article I chose to use is called “Sandy’s Athermath Shows FEMA’s Limits” by Rein, Lisa, and Jerry Markon. The article was published on Nov 14, 2012. One question I asked myself was “did FEMA do enough for the economy?” In New York and New Jersey thousands of people’s homes were heavily damaged, also without power, heat, or hot water. People from NY and NJ and all other afflicted areas Had little sympathy For Bureaucratic hurdles, they believe that more should have been done. According to the article Mike Byrne said he understands the anger and said his team has been working night and day ordering home inspections helping people get meals, water and gas for generators and yet there are limits to everything. “The response hasn’t been perfect”, “But it’s been aggressive, strong, fast and robust.
One reason why FEMA Couldn’t do much about power outages was because restoring power is primarily a function of private utility Companies and state agencies. I believe that FEMA did enough because many New Yorkers have returned to their normal rhythms and even those in the areas that got damaged the most had Food, water, clothing, and temporary lodging. Another article I chose to use is called “Storm Closes city Schools for a week, the system’s longest suspension in decades” by Jenny Anderson on the New York times Nov 1st, 2012. One Reason Why This article is a good use for my research is because hurricane sandy caused a big effect on schools. Nearly 200 of the 1,400 schools buildings according to the education department were damaged by Sandy. 86 schools had no power, and others had flooding, structural damage and plumbing problems. Not all schools closed down for the whole week, Columbia university perched safely in Morningside Heights stayed open because it sustained little damage, while on the other hand many school were affected and were forced to close down. Nassau Community College was closed down for a whole week and even then after that the teachers were not taking attendance till the next week. Also other Colleges in Long Island and had to move from their dorms till everything got sorted out. Public Schools were out of school for so many days that the education department said they might have to convert some off days or vacation days to school days. I also looked up an article from the internet Named “Aftermath of hurricane sandy” by Christina Bedford published on December 4th, 2012. This article is a good source because it states a lot of information about the aftermath and preparation for hurricane sandy. Before the storm New jersey and New York prepared for the disaster, citizens stocked up on food and important supplies, barricaded vulnerabilities around homes and buildings. In some parts of NYC people were asked to leave because of safety